Everything we do revolves around our commitment to privacy and security.

CrediVia Security

At CrediVia, data security is our top priority. As hospitality borrowers and lenders ourselves, we understand that a large amount of sensitive data, as well as personal information, is entered in the course of completing the loan application. We know how unsettling it can be to share your sensitive information over email or through text messages. In fact, the need for a more secure way to transfer data is one of the primary reasons we created CrediVia.

As such, we have implemented robust security policies designed to protect your data at each step of the application lifecycle.



Secure Data Storage

Your data and documents are stored on Amazon’s highly secure Amazon Web Service data centers through Amazon Relation Database System (RDS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).  We use a triple-layer deployment architecture and have strong protocols in place for accessing and maintaining the server infrastructure.


We protect your data by employing  secure communication protocols like HTTPS and leading data encryption techniques. Encryption turns your data into indecipherable text that can be read only by those with the right key. This safeguards your information while it is in transit and when it is stored in our systems. 




You control your data at every stage of the loan process. Other users must obtain your explicit permission to access your information. We do not sell your data or provide it to any third-party organizations for any reason.


Username & Password Requirements

When you first access the CrediVia portal, we will prompt you to create a unique username and password. To help prevent unauthorized access, your account will be automatically locked after a maximum number of failed login attempts. We will also automatically log you off after observing a period of inactivity.


Role-based Authorization

Administrator users can define unlimited number of user roles and control access to application data at the project, entity, section, form or document level.   Users are granted limited access to data and functionality based on their role.  Your information is protected and cannot be seen by other users unless you give them explicit permissions to do so.


Threat Detection

We also conduct regular risk assessments to maintain security. We continuously monitor our systems to protect them from threats, including spam, malware, viruses, and other forms of malicious code.

We are committed to safeguarding your information as if it were our own. We have worked hard to implement security procedures that will provide you with peace of mind as you access, preserve, and share your information.