Due Diligence, Done.

No more incomplete applications or painful data collection.


Why CrediVia?

Collecting borrower data one item at a time is a hassle. Partner with borrowers to gather data and documents through a digitized, intuitive platform designed for the hospitality and multifamily industries that reduces cycle times and lets you close more loans.

Your business deserves CrediVia, multifamily and hospitality lending's most straightforward loan sourcing and decisioning platform.

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A Hassle-Free Lending Solution

Lenders make faster loan decisions without compromising on quality - all done with one simple click.


Source Loans

Filter the list of available leads based on loan type, purpose, amount or location.


Customize Checklist

Create a checklist of required documentation for borrowers to provide. 



Underwrite Deal

Underwrite and approve loans according to your institution's procedures.


Qualified Borrowers are Waiting for You

Start sourcing new loans and partnering with borrowers today.


Loan Analytics with CrediVia Reporting

CrediVia reporting automatically calculates and analyzes key financial metrics to evaluate a borrower’s risk profile and likelihood of default, including:

  • Global Cash Flow
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Quick Ratio
  • Loan-to-Value

Ready for Faster Underwriting?

With CrediVia’s standardized multifamily or hospitality loan application, the borrower’s complete loan application is available on day one. You can customize your document checklist to fit your requirements.
Smarter Loan Decisioning

Underwrite deals based on risk, not lack of understanding.

Centralized Data Storage

Quickly access, download and evaluate borrower data. 

Shorter Cycle Time

Eliminate repeated requests for information and documents. 


Hotel Finance in the Digital Age


Opportunities for Innovation in Hospitality Lending

Hotel financing has long awaited a digital upgrade. The challenges of the  traditional CRE loan process have been ignored and accepted for too long. This technological solution can provide accuracy, transparency, and collaboration for both borrowers and lenders.


More Reasons to Source Loans with CrediVia


Improve Profitability

Reduce overhead costs associated with data collection and analysis.


Increase Volume

Search the loan marketplace for live deals that are likely to close.


More Conversions

Filter loans to identify deals that fit your lending criteria.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Create more meaningful borrower relationships through collaboration.


Faster Cycle Times

Streamline the process with detailed reporting and completed loan packages.


Reduce Operating Costs

Increase efficiency by driving more loans in a fraction of the time.