Financing, Simplified.

Intuitive platform which simplifies the application process, enabling hospitality and multifamily investors to come to the table prepared with data that is complete and lender ready.


3 Steps to Financing

Borrowers use our streamlined loan application to locate financing and get approved quickly and more efficiently on hospitality and multifamily projects.

Enter Data Once

Our data-entry coach helps you understand how lenders will use your information when underwriting loans.

Submit To Marketplace

Make loan request available to multiple lenders at once. Secure the lender that best fits your needs.

Complete Checklist

Expedite closing your loan by collaborating with lenders and tracking tasks using our automated checklist. 

Inspired by Borrowers


Founded by developers, we are an online marketplace providing complete financing solutions for the hospitality and multifamily industries. CrediVia enables borrowers to partner with lenders throughout the application process and secure financing faster.

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Document Management Made Simple

Everything You Need,  All in One Place

Multifamily and hospitality loan applications can require dozens, if not hundreds, of documents. With CrediVia, all standardized documents are uploaded once for easy access by both borrower and lenders.

  • Secure cloud-based storage for easy management
  • Organize documents by categories
  • Share documents with individual lenders based on lender checklist requests

 Platform Security You Can Depend On

A Platform for Secure Collaboration

We understand that your account security is important to you.  We are committed to privacy and ensuring the safety of your data and have put safeguards in place to keep your accounts safe and secure.  We use multiple layers of security technology to protect your data, documents, and account information.
  • Robust password and authorization requirements prevent unauthorized access
  • Secure data storage on a private server backed by Amazon
  • Leading data encryption techniques employed to safeguard your information
  • Regular risk assessments to protect against security threats
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Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Loans

Put your best foot forward by providing lenders a complete and accurate loan application from the very start of the process. 


Present data to lenders in a standard format and allow lenders to evaluate your loan in a consistent, objective manner.


Eliminate paper forms by using a dynamic, digital application that only asks for information relevant to your loan type.


User-friendly interface allows you to fill out your application with added support at the form and field level.


Automated notifications and real time tracking let you know exactly where you are in the loan process.


All your loan data and documentation is stored in one place for easy retrieval and sharing.


Triple-layer data architecture and encryption keeps your data safe for future applications.